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Rollaway Bed Buyers Guide


full-size-rollaway-bedAlso known as a folding bed, a rollaway bed is the perfect solution for those times when you need an extra bed. It comes in handy when you have guests overnight and you do not have a guest room to accommodate them. One great thing about the folding bed is that once you are done using it for the night, you can safely keep it away for later use. Additionally, those people who have children and lack enough space in the bedroom find this item to be very useful. This is because you can fold it and tuck it away so that extra playing space is created for the children.

The manufacturers have availed numerous types of rollaway beds that come in various styles and finishes. There are even others that have been designed to serve more than one purpose. However, an excellent rollaway bed needs to be sturdy, comfortable and have the capability to be stored easily when not needed. Below are some things to look out for when buying a rollaway bed:

• What size of rollaway bed is appropriate for your needs?

Rollaway beds come in various sizes. Be aware of your needs so that you land your hands on a bed that has the right dimensions. For instance, if you are acquiring the bed because of overnight guests that consist of one person who is of average weight and height, then you can settle for a simple bed that can match those requirements. A bed of this size is often called a standard size or a twin size rollaway folding bed. What you need to know about a single-sized bed is that is usually divided into two when folding enabling it to fit in a small corner or even in your closet. Generally, this type of bed is 72 inches long and 38 inches wide when it is fully open. Depending on the brand, dimensions may vary.

• Durability

The best rollaway beds are often made only from high-quality materials. To ensure that you settle for a bed that will last for long, check that the bed options available to you are made from good quality material that is tough. Look at the frame as this is where you ascertain whether it fits your needs or not. Do not forget to check the mattress that comes along with it as it plays a crucial role in your comfort. If you want to check for portability, read the weight specifications listed on it. This is vital because some people are not capable of lifting very heavy materials.

Beds made of steel are usually stronger than those made from other materials although they tend to be heavier. On the other hand, there are those rollaway beds that are constructed from aluminum and are very light in nature. Choose wood slats if you prefer more support for your bed.

• Convenience

Simply put, convenience means the ease of dealing with the folding bed. For instance, you must ascertain if the bed folds correctly. To check for this, attempt to fold the bed at the store if possible, before purchasing. Depending on their model, some will fold two times while others will fold thrice. A key factor to look out for the folding beds is the existence of wheels. These wheels are designed so that you can roll the bed around the house instead of carrying it. The presence of wheels means that there are some additional space implications on your side. Measure the dimensions to ensure that it fits into the space that you intend to store the rollaway bed in.

• Consider the mattress

A rollaway bed often uses a single mattress and does not have a box spring. The mattress can be made from a broad range of materials. However, most of the mattresses that are used with rollaway beds are often the traditional memory foam mattresses or spring mattresses. The basic rule of the thumb is that the thicker the mattress, the more comfortable it is. Weigh your options tactfully because a thicker mattress means less portability but more comfort and vice versa. Of course, if you already own a mattress, there is no need of buying it again when you are acquiring the folding bed.

The truth of the matter is that the rollaway bed offers you a way out when you need to create extra space for the guests or a family member. If you make the right choice of the folding bed, you can be confident that your guests will sleep as comfortable as possible.

Types of Beds From Rollaway To Trundle


Beds vary in terms of design and function. If you are in search of a bed, you should know the different options of beds available. Your choice will depend on your needs and amount of space available.

Rollaway Beds For Sale

Rollaway beds for sale are a great choice particularly for places with limited space. These beds can be folded into two and rolled into a storage area. The rollaway beds have wheels that make it easy to move them. They are ideal when you have guests. Rollaway beds have a simple design and do not come with a headboard like standard ones. The rollaway beds fold neatly and some of them come with storage. They can be used when traveling, camping, and in dorm rooms.

Divan Beds

These beds are made of two main components that are linked through a bracket. The bed base is made of wood and it sits directly on the floor. The base is about 3 feet high. You can store items in the base of the bed. They are a popular choice because they are both functional and practical. These beds also tend to be sturdier and offer great comfort. They come in a variety of styles and designs.

Bunk Beds

These beds usually have two bed frame layers. Bunk beds save on horizontal space and allow more than one person to sleep in a small room. They are a popular choice for a child’s room. Most of them are made of wood.

Sofa Beds

These are multifunctional furniture items. They can be used as standard sofas during the day and converted into beds during the night. Some of the sofa beds also offer storage space. If your living room has limited space, a sofa bed is a great option. You can also use them when guests visit or place them in your child’s room.

Futon Beds

Futons are padded mattresses that people can sleep on. They can be compared to rollaway beds because you can fold them. But the futon beds differ from rollaway beds because they are usually attached to cupboards where you fold them back in when they are not in use. Some of the futon beds have metal or wooden frames that carry the mattress. You can use these beds as sofas or chairs in your living room.

Loft Beds

They can be compared to bunk beds but the difference is that they have a single bed frame that is supported by wooden or iron rods. With these beds, you get storage space beneath the frame. Some of them even come with built in futon sofas. They are a practical option when you have little space.

Cot Beds

These beds are designed for young children and babies. Cot beds usually have high boundaries around their edges to prevent babies from falling out. Some of them have dangling rattles and toys to keep children entertained when they are in bed. They can either be made of metal or wood.

Canopy Beds

These beds have an antique look. Canopy beds come with four vertical poles at the corners. The poles are used to support a shade or panel placed above the bed. Decorative fabric is then placed over the panel to cover the bed and create a cozy setting. Various fabrics can be used including silk, chiffon, and net. The beds are ideal when you have a lot of space.

Platform Beds

These beds come with a base that has wooden slats to support your mattress without a box spring. They are a simple and convenient option and the slats offer flexible support. Your mattress gets adequate ventilation with a platform bed. They are not too heavy and this makes it easy for you to rearrange your bedroom. They also offer storage.

Day Beds

They are similar to divan or sofa beds in terms of design but day beds are used as guest beds or single beds. These beds are multifunctional. You can use them as a couch or bed. They also work as divans, recliners or loungers.

Air Beds

These are inflatable beds designed to offer superior comfort. They can either be made of PVC or urethane plastic. Air beds can be used to manage various conditions including depression, back aches, mental stress, and sleep disorders. They need to be used carefully to prevent them from leaking.

Types of Beds That Can Be Used For Guests


It is always necessary for you to stay prepared for guests. Even if you have a small house, you should go for various types of guest beds which are designed to fit in the small space. As a way of trying to save on rent, you may decide to rent a small house. What you should know is that there are many home accessories that are designed to fit in the small house which will lead you to enjoying your stay in the house. Here are some bed designs that are specifically made to enable you accommodate guests easily.

1. Hideaway Guest Beds

These are beds that are designed to fit under your bed. They are among the best beds that you can have to save on space. Because not every day you will have guests in your home, after you decide to buy the hide away beds, you can always hide them hence utilizing the space that is always left unoccupied under your bed. After you receive guests, you can always withdraw the beds. They can provide twin or double sleeping units hence accommodating your guest comfortably.

2. Folding Beds

These are beds that are available in different sizes. You can always fold them and store them in stores or any other place where there is space in your home. Due to their ability to fold easily, they tend to save a lot of space. They are very simple to erect and convenient. Folding, rollaway guest beds are available in different designs, it is upon you to look for a design that will best fit in your home.

3. Rollaway beds

Rollaway beds are among the best beds that you can buy in case you have limited space and you will like to accommodate all your guests. The beds can be made out of simple designs where you can easily roll them up and store them after use. When retrieving the rollaway beds for use, it is also very easy to erect hence making you achieve great convenience in your home.

4. Sofa Beds

These beds have the appearance of a conventional sofa. But when a guest arrive in a home, the sofa bed can be retracted from underneath the sofa hence creating a comfortable bed where guests can sit. It is very easy to lift and unfold the sofa set hence making it the best bed that you can have in your home in case you will not like inconveniences after you receive guests. It offers the best way to save on space because during the day you can always fold it under your conventional sofa.

5. Chair Beds

In case you like having sleep over parties, then you need to buy several chair beds. They are ideal for different purposes such as in study rooms or siting room. They can play an important role in providing space where your children can sleep in case you have a small house. The chair beds are available in different deigns and colors. You can always go for the best color which you will like to have in your home without feeling any discomfort when taking into consideration your interior design.

6. Day Beds

The beds resemble slouch couches by day but at night they can be converted into a comfortable beds. They are beds that you can buy and use them as couches as well as beds at night. This will save you a lot of space because you will not be required to buy a bed and a couch at ago. They are available in different sleek designs hence you should take your time and choose the best.

7. Futons

These beds consist of the futon mattresses which can be unfolded to offer a comfortable space where your guests can sleep. The frame of the futon beds can be mad out of wood or any other materials which you may like to have in your home.

8. Trundle and Under Beds

These are the best beds that you should have for you to accommodate unexpected guests. They will usually stay under your bed but when you receive gusts, you will just pull them out and drop down their legs for you to create a bed where your impromptu guests will sleep comfortably.